Sherry at CrossFit Rosevile

*Cycle through Crossover Symmetry
12 Min AMRAP:
Run 200M
12 Strict Pull-Up
12 Ring Dips
20 PVC Passthrough

Pec Smash
Pec Stretch

Workout of the day for Thursday, April 20th, 2016:

A. 75 handstand push-ups for time
B. 100 GHD sit-ups for time**

*Today’s workout is a little different from the average Metcon or Strength Piece. It is a test of Stamina! Hit the after party if you have time to stick around and row!
**If you are new to GHD’s do not do more than 30. If you have done 30 recently you may do 40. Do not progress more than 10 GHDs at a time.

“After Party”
-Aerobic Capacity (2-3 rounds):
500M Row
6 x 100M Row (10 sec. rest between sets)
2 min Rest
400M Row, with last 50m at Max Effort
1 min Rest