Come out at 8am for some barbell gymnastics!
Come out at 9am for a fun team metcon!
Come out at 10am for Sweat Sessions!
Come out Sunday at 11am to re-test 16.2!


Skill: (10 min)
Hang Power Snatch, high
Hang Power Snatch, mid-thigh
Hang Power Snatch, Knee

12 rounds, every 90 seconds:
Snatch 1.1

9am: (With a Partner)
800M Run
80 SandBag Deadlift
80 Sandbag Clean
80 SandBag Shoulder-to-Overhead
400M Run
40 SandBag Deadlift
40 Sandbag Clean
40 SandBag Shoulder-to-Overhead
200M Run
20 SandBag Deadlift
20 Sandbag Clean
20 SandBag Shoulder-to-Overhead

5 Rounds of 40 Seconds On / 20 Seconds Off for each:
10M Repeats
Dumbbell Strict Press
Burpee Box Jump
Row For Calories