• Sweat Sessions Friday Class is moved to Saturday at 10:00am through the open (March 27th)
• Come out today at 5:00PM for the announcement of 16.2!
• This Friday Nights Light theme has been changed to Pizza Party! Bring either: 1) Your favorite pizza or 2) salad or 3) Drinks to share!

16.1 Open announcement at Roseville CrossFit

Thursdays during the open are open gym! Come in and row to warm-up and ROM-WOD, or hit the programmed workout of the day if you need structure in your life. 5:00PM we will watch the Open announcement and cheer on those who want to try the open workout Thursday night.

Workout of the day for Thursday, March 3rd, 2016:
Thrusters 45/35-lb Bar
Russian KB Swing
Abmat Sit-Up

15 minute EMOM (choose three goats to rotate through over 5 rounds):
Some ideas:
• Max Chin-Up Hold + 7 Second Eccentric
• Ring Dip hold at: top, middle, bottom
• Banded Lat Pull-Downs
• Front Lever Accessory Work
• L-Sit
• Muscle-Up Transition Work