Athletes, during the open we will need your help to work with the coaches and other members on space, time, and equipment.

Thursdays there will be a programmed workout but coaches will treat Thursdays as open gym. If you are doing the open on Friday use Thursday to hit some active recovery, mobility, and some light technique work.

Thursday Nights and all day Friday the space and priority will be reserved for open workouts. Often running the open workouts in heats do not fit perfectly into an hour class. The coaches will do their best to prioritize for people who need to get out sooner. Athletes who would like to make-up or re-test open workouts can do so on Sunday Afternoons at 11am or Monday Mornings During Open gym. Thanks for your help!

Because this each heat of this open workout is going to take especially long, coach Joey is offering to open the gym at 3PM so people can get started early. Heat times for Friday Night Lights will be first come first serve. You must be present at the gym to sign-up for a time slot. You may sign up anytime after 3pm on Friday.

Remember to come to Friday night lights to Eat, Drink, and be Merry! Wear your CFRV gear or Intramural Team Gear and workout, judge, and cheer everyone on!

Roseville CrossFit Ricardo Deadlifts

*Rotate Through Crossover Symmetry
3 Inch-Worm to Up Dawg
4 Sampson Stretch
6 Alternating Lunges
1 minute standing Straddle

3 Rounds:
6 Lunges Holding Plate Overhead 35/25-lb
5 Pull-Ups
4 Burpee Plate Jumps
15 PVC Passthrough

4 minutes Mobility: Hip Hinge & Overhead Archetypes

Workout 16.1.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
25-ft. overhead walking lunge
8 burpees
25-ft. overhead walking lunge
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Men lunge 95 lb.
Women lunge 65 lb.