• Every Saturday in February we will have Sweat Sessions class in the Lululemon store at the Galleria Mall at 9:00am! If enjoy the sweat sessions class, come out for a free Saturday workout!!!

Roseville CrossFit three wise ladies

*Rotate through Crossover Symmetry
2 Rounds:
3 Inch-Worm-Up-Dawg
8 Lateral lunge
1 minute Standing Straddle

4 rounds:
Max Dubz
6 Sampson Stretch
15 PVC Passthrough

Max effort 250M Row
1 minute: Couch Stretch (Each Side)
2 minutes: Overhead Archetype Mobility

Workout of the day for Tuesday, February 16th, 2016:

5 Rounds: 3 minutes On/ 1 minutes Off:
250M Row* (Or 260m run)
Max Reps Handstand Push-Ups

*Keep each Row within 3-5 seconds of your Max effort 250m Row.

8 minutes: Build to a heavy Push-Press