2015 has been a wonderful year for us being part of Crossfit Roseville. We have already witnessed so many incredible changes take place this last year. As you know Kenny and I are expecting a HUGE change come April of this year with our new little one. We are so excited about this new adventure in our lives but it has caused us to evaluate many things. Kenny has been traveling every week for work and though we know it is possible to function with that schedule we have opted to fight for our time together. This fight will bring us to Seattle February 1st of this year so that Kenny can work 9-5 and Lord willing, our little girl will have her whole family home more often then not. We have been praying over this decision over the last few months and only have just recently finalized our plans. It breaks our hearts to temporarily leave the CFRV family. So many of you have played a crucial role in our lives. We’ve wanted to have private conversations with each of you but honestly our hearts just couldn’t take it. Gosh if you only knew how much we love you guys!!! 

So what’s the plan for CFRV? As for us, we will continue to be partners with Jesse and you will be hearing from us often. You cant get rid of us that easy!!! Our goal is still to do everything in our power to make Crossfit Roseville THRIVE! Plus as you know we have a rockstar group of coaches that will be killin’ it in the classes. Jesse will still be creating ludicrous workouts that will make you stronger and more equipped to handle all of life’s challenges. On top of that we have people ready to plan community events and help on the backend with office work. CFRV is in good hands and 2016 WILL BE an incredible year.

Stronger than yesterday

-We love you all, Stivers

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

5 Rounds:
250M Row*
*Rest about 3 min in-between sets (Work on Hip Flexion)

Workout of the day for Wednesday, January 13th, 2016:

7 Minute AMRAP:
Box Jump & WallBalls

“Sweat Sessions” Workout for Wednesday, January 13th, 2016:

Station 1:
5 Ring Row
15 Goblet Squat
5 Ring Row
15 KettleBell Sumo Deadlift

Station 2:
Accumulate 1 minute plank
5 Dumbell Thruster
10 Burpee Box Jump Over
5 Dumbell Thruster