Holiday Schecule:
24th: 9am only.
25th: No classes.
26th-30th: normal schedule.
31st: (Thurs., New year’s Eve) 8 & 9 am only.
1st: (Fri., New year’s day) 8 & 9 & 4pm only.
2nd:: 8 & 9am

roseville crossfit 12 Wods of Christmas Gingers

Dynamic Group Warm-Up.

Workout of the day for Tuesday, December 15th, 2015:

Flight Simulator, (7 minute time-cap)
5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-back down to 5

For time:
400m Run
20 Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30
400m run
18 Dumbbell Thrusters
etc, etc until…
400m Run
2 Dumbbell Thrusters

“After Party”
Double Tabatta (8 minutes), Alt.: Hollow Body & Arch Hold