Happy Thanksgiving! The coaches at CrossFit Roseville are thankful for the chance to be a part of all of your lives and to help you be the best you possible. Come out to 9am today for a great wod. It’s a long one, so we will all get a chance to connect and build each other up as we embrace the suck together!

CrossFit Roseville Ashley & Little Ryder Man

12 Days of Thankfulness*:
Day 1: 1 Muscle-Up
Day 2: 2 Ring Dip
Day 3: 3 Hang Power Clean 60% 1RM
Day 4: 4 Handstand Push-Up
Day 5: 5 Russian KB Swing 70/53-lb
Day 6: 6 WallBall
Day 7: 7 Glute Ham Raise
Day 8: 8 Push-Up
Day 9: 9 “See The Light” Sit-Up
Day 10: 10 Pistols
Day 11: 11 Box Jump
Day 12: 120M Sled Push 270/180-lb

*After Completing Day 1, complete day 1 again and then complete day 2. Then complete day 1 again, day 2, day 3. Repeat this pattern until you complete Days 12 through 1!

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