When we imagine that we are a Super Hero on a mission to help others we are more likely to take on the characteristics of a Super Hero while striving for our goals. By spending 2+ minutes thinking about qualities you admire in Super Heroes you can improve your self-efficacy, and be more resilient in the face of challenges.

On top of improving your own ability to succeed, you will also be more likely to help others improve their lives—you will have a greater sense of compassion and be able to better empathize with others. Be the best version of you: for 2 minutes think about the qualities of Super Heroes that you admire.

***Download the 2015 Super Hero Nutrition Game Packet!


10 min AMRAP:
250M row
2 Rounds Cindy*
*Use Side-Butt Band for Squats”

Workout of the day for Friday, November 13th, 2015:
12 Min, Build to a heavy:
2-Rep Front Squat

5 min AMRAP:
4 Ring Dips
3 Front Squat @ 65% 1RM

4 Rounds (For Quality):
Accumulate 45 Sec. L-Sit (Max 3-Attempts)
5 Strict Weighted Muscle-Up*

*Sub, 2 Rounds:
5 Strict Chest-2-Bar
5 Dips

**Or Sub, 2 Rounds:
Max Chiin-Up Hold + 6 Sec. Eccentric
5 Dips”

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