2015 Fittest of Roseville RX Winners

7 Min AMRAP:

2 Inch-Worm-Up-Dawg

3 Handstand Kick-Ups

4 Lateral Lunge with KB
50 Dubz
1 Round: Side-Butt

5 Min AMRAP:

10 Alt. Pistols

8 Chest-2-Bar

6 Single Leg Deadlift 45/35-lb Bar
4 Mountain Climbers (Hip Circles each direction)

Workout of the day for Wednesday, August 2nd, 2015:
24 Rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest, (24 Minutes total) alternating between:
WallBall 20/14-lb
Deadlift @ 50% 1RM
Box Jump 24/20

*You will complete a total of 8 sets of each movement. Record lowest reps completed for each exercise over the 8 sets. As with Tabatta scoring, try to stay consistent over the whole 24 minutes, don’t jump out ahead and die off, lowering your final score. Pick a challenging rep scheme and fight to stick with it.

Middle Split Class (10 min)
2 Minute Standing Pancake
10 Lateral Lunge
1 min standing frog, each side
1 min piriformis stretch, each side
1 min Hip Flexor Lunge, each side
1 min Frog stretch
1 min Child’s Pose

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