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6 min AMRAP:
30 Dubz (Max 30 sec.)
5 Burpee Box Jump Over
10 Lateral Lunge
30 Sec. Standing Straddle
10 Lateral Lunge
3 Inch-Worm-Up Dawg

4 Min AMRAP:

2 Alt. Turkish Get-Up
4 Sampson Stretch
30 Sec. Handstand Kick-Up

Shoulder Stability Seq.

Workout of the day for Tuesday, August 25th, 2015:

2 Rounds of Strict Press:
68% x 5
77% x 3
86% x 1+

Complete a set of 3 Strict Press every 2 minutes for 6 rounds (12 minutes). Pick a Goat to Superset with. The goal on the plus set is 9-12 reps. If you can easily get 12 reps, increase your 1RM and recalculate your percentages. If you cannot get 8-9 reps, lower your 1RM and recalculate your percentages.

800M Run TT

Slacklining Practice

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