2015 Fittest of Roseville, get your team ready!

We are 3 weeks out from the Fittest of Roseville! Sign up to be a volunteer on the whiteboard, or sign up if you have a team entered!

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

Workout of the day for Thursday, August 13th, 2015:

Min. 00-09:
For Quality (9 min cap):
42 Alt. Pistol
21 Strict toes-2-bar
30 Alt. Pistol
15 Strict toes-2-bar
18 Alt. Pistol
9 Strict toes-2-bar

Min. 12-24:
2 Rounds:
2 x 50m Sled Pull 70/50-lb
800m Run
Rest 3 Min

200m Walking Lunge

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