3 Rounds:
5 Pull-Up
10 Push-Up
15 Air Squat
10 Calorie Row (or 50 dubz)

2 Rounds:
3 Turkish Get-Up (each hand)
5 Good Morning
15 GHD Sit-Up

Workout of the day for Tuesday, April 21st, 2015:

Every 90 seconds, complete 5 rounds each:
A: Handstand Hold
B: Kipping Chest-2-Bar

For this progression choose one of the following times to hit for all 5 rounds of Handstand hold:
6sec., 12 sec., 24sec., 36sec., 48sec., 60sec.

For Chest-2-Bar, Pick a number you can hit for all 5 Sets.

15 Min Time Cap:
Strict Press @ 70% 1RM
Box Jump 30/24″

After Party:
5 Glute Ham Raise
Row 250M
2 Min Cow Stretch for Shoulders

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