2 Rounds:
5 Pull-Up
10 Burpee Box Jump Over
15 Wall-Ball
Row 10 Calories

1-3 rounds:
3 Turkish Get-up (each side)
5 Good Morning
15 GHD Sit-Up

Workout of the day for Tuesday, April 14th, 2015:
Every 90 Seconds for 10 rounds, Alternate Between:
1st: Handstand Hold, nose to the wall*

*Choose one of the following times to hit for all 5 rounds of handstand hold:
6sec., 12 sec., 24sec., 36sec., 48sec., 60sec.

2nd: 5 Strict False Grip Chest-2-rings*

*Most people will need to do these in singles. You are aiming to pull below the chest as you maintain hollow body. Sub Supine Ring Rows.

1500 M Row / 1 Mile Run
10 Legless Rope Climbs, 12 Ft. (Sub 40 Strict Band Pul-Ups, or 10 x 12 Sec. Chin-Up Hold)
25 Push Press 165/115-lb
50 WallBall 20/14
100 Dubz

Part B should be scaled so that it can be completed in under 18 minutes. Scale the row/run distance and the load on the push press & wallball. With the exception of the push press, each of these movements should be a sprint. The push press should be heavy enough that you have to break it up into manageable sets, but no more than 6 sets. Before coming to class today, think about how long each of these moves takes you to complete and find a strategy that will allow you to keep this workout fast and mean.

You are your own experiment. Take notes on the workout to adjust future workouts. Did you go too light on the push press? How long did the 10 rope climbs take you? Did you go to fast on any one movement that hurt your overall time? Could you have gone faster on any of the movements? What is one goat from this workout that you need to spend more time on, outside of the regular class hour?

There is no one best way, and each of you are unique snow flakes. Have fun! Embrace the suck!

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