Dynamic Group Warm-Up

1 min Tactical Frog
1 min Prayer Stretch
1 Min PVC Squat Stretch

Workout of the day for Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015:

Every 2 min for 10 rounds:
Snatch 1.1.1*

*Learning to hit the correct positions and control your power with three identical snatches. The sequence is 3 snatches without making contact, 3 snatches with light contact, and 3 snatches with contact. If you get all three sets of three snatches that are “Good Enough”, add weight and re-start the sequence. If any one of the three snatches are off, take a mental break and re-start.

5 rounds:
Sled Push 30 yards 230/180-lb
15 Arch Rocks
30 Dubz

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