2 Rounds (8 minute cap):
5 Inch-Worm-Up-Dog
10 Lateral Lunge
10 Strict C2B
10 Push-Ups
10 Back Extensions
10 GHD Sit-Up
5 Rotations into Bridge Using a Wall

Pre-Wod Mobility (7 minutes):
Partner Thoracic Opener, Hanging from Pull-Up Bar
Partner Shoulder Smash

Workout of the day for Tuesday, January 6th, 2014:

10 minutes:
3-Position Pause Snatch Pull + Hang Muscle Snatch
10 minutes:
Build to a heavy Hang Power Snatch

9 minute amrap, ladder:
3 Burpee
6 Turkish Get-Up 55/40-lb, (3 Each Hand)
6 Burpee
12 Turkish Get-Up (6 each hand)
9-24, etc.

GHD Sit-Up
Side Plank Reach Through (split reps into half each side)
Arch Rock Hold (Perform the count as a hold in seconds so 20 is 20 second hold)

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