140702 Family Friendly Farms Deliverty Tonight!

Workout of the day for Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014:

For time:
75 power snatches 75/55lb


30 Snatches 135/95lb

Family Friendly Farm Meat Buyers Club

Family Friendly Farm Meat Buyers Club



Family Friendly Farms will be at CrossFit Roseville tonight at 5:30PM to deliver. Come by the box to get stocked up, fill your freazer or to get ready for 4th of July.

Pasture-Raised meats with No Antibiotics and No Added Hormones. All pricing details and Individual Cut options are visible on our web site at http://www.familyfriendlyfarms.ca and for a quick look at wholesale prices you can scroll through our “Bulk-Order Pricing” as follows…

25 lbs (1/16) at $9.00/lb = $225
50 lbs (1/8) at $8.50/lb = $425
100 lbs (1/4) at $8.00/lb = $800

Each Beef Package includes Rib-Eye Steaks, New York Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, London Broil, Rump Roast, Barbeque Short Ribs (Korean Style), Stew Cubes, and Ground Beef.

We’re open to Customizing your Package with a simple phone conversation – Please contact us at (530) 268-9022 to clarify serving sizes and mix of Cuts.

10 lbs (1/16) at $8.50/lb = $85
4.0 lbs Country-Style Sausage
3.0 lbs Smoked Thick Bacon
1.5 lbs Thick Loin Chops
1.5 lbs Tenderloin Strip
20 lbs (1/8) at $8.00/lb = $160
6.0 lbs Country-Style Sausage
5.0 lbs Shoulder Picnic Roast
3.0 lbs Smoked Thick Bacon
3.0 lbs Smoked-Boneless Ham*
3.0 lbs Thick Loin Chops

* Your choice of Wrapped Ham or Sliced Ham

40 lbs (1/4) at $7.50/lb = $300

12.0 lbs Country-Style Sausage
10.0 lbs Shoulder Roast
6.0 lbs Smoked Thick Bacon
6.0 lbs Smoked-Boneless Ham*
6.0 lbs Thick Loin Chops

* Your choice of Wrapped Ham or Sliced Ham

Pork Options include Pork Tenderloin, Ground Pork, and Smoked Ham Hocks

10 lbs (1/4) at $11.00/lb = $110
1.0 lbs French Rack
1.0 lbs Loin Chops
1.5 lbs Lamb Shanks
2.0 lbs Shoulder Chops
2.0 lbs Ground Lamb
2.5 lbs Leg of Lamb

20 lbs (1/2) at $10.00/lb = $200

2.0 lbs French Rack
2.0 lbs Loin Chops
3.0 lbs Lamb Shanks
4.0 lbs Shoulder Chops
4.0 lbs Ground Lamb
5.0 lbs Leg of Lamb

Lamb Options include Lamb Stew when available

Available Now Fresh as Whole Chickens at $5.95/lb

Beef Soup Bones available at $2.95/lb

Okay gang… That’s the Scoop. Ordering is easy via email… fff.meat@gmail.com Feel free to email questions and/or Customize your orders by phone at (530) 268-9022. Also, see the Individual Cut Prices and Family/Farm Photos on line at www.familyfriendlyfarms.ca

To make your reservation for the July 2nd Delivery, simply Email us at fff.meat@gmail.com with your Order Request and Telephone Number and we’ll email back a confirmation. Please make your reservation before July 1st so we have time to package your order.

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